Mine Design

Kobada Exploration

Mine designs have been completed for the Mineral Resource detailed in the PEA. Three discrete pits were designed after optimisation using Whittle Software: South, Central and North Pits.

The parameters used in pit design include:

  • Batter height – 10m;
  • Batter angle - 50°;
  • Berm width – 6.5m;
  • Ramp width – 25m;
  • Ramp gradient – 10%;
  • Inter-ramp slope angle 36°

The inventory establish within these pit designs was estimated to be 24 million tonnes at 1.01 g/t Au and contained gold of 779,000 ounces.

The waste to ore strip ratio was estimated to be 1.9 to 1, with a total volume of waste estimated to be 69Mt.