African Gold Group, Inc., is pleased to announce that a geophysical survey has commenced at the Kobada concession, located in Mali, West Africa.

The survey will initially focus on establishing a 2 km x 2 km survey grid that will encompass the 1.2 km long strike length of "Zone 1" where 2 diamond drill rigs continue to in-fill drill on 50 meter spacing, on a 2 shift/day, 7 days/week (24x7) basis for both rigs. The survey will ultimately be conducted throughout the entire 42 sq. km Kobada concession as "Zone 1" represents 10% of the 12 km anomalous strike length of the overall Kobada Trend and ongoing regional mapping is indicating the existence of additional parallel structures that require investigation. 

The geophysical survey will consist of Induced Polarization (IP) and Ground Magnetics utilizing a proprietary technology known as "Insight Array." This technology was designed to penetrate difficult geology / geomorphology conditions. One of the most common challenges for common exploration tools in West Africa is dealing with regions of well developed laterite. The "Insight Array" technology is designed to investigate the difficult surface layers and penetrate into the subsurface geology to vertical depths of 400 meters to distinguish lateral geologic changes at 25 meter intervals, representing data density that is approximately four times that of a typical IP survey.

Once the data generated from the geophysical survey has been compiled, AGG geologists will collaborate with the geophysicists to overlay the current diamond drill assay data that has been generated from approximately 10,000 meters of infill drilling on 50 meter spacing within "Zone 1" to generate a "signature" or "fingerprint" of the known gold bearing mineralized zones. Once this "signature" or "fingerprint" has been identified within "Zone 1" then the balance of the 42 sq. km Kobada concession will be surveyed with the intention of identifying similar "signatures" that would essentially constitute enhanced drill targets, throughout the overall concession, as well as, the balance of the 12 km strike length of the anomalous Kobada Trend.

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African Gold Group, Inc., is pleased to report the assay results from 52 channel samples that span 104 meters of an exposed footwall within an excavated artisanal pit at its Manso Atwere concession, in Ghana. 


Interval with Grade (g/t) and
Anomaly sample numbers width of mineralization
1 J1001-J1004 ( 0 - 8m) 1.14 g/t over 8m
2 J1016-J1027 (30 - 52m) 2.36 g/t over 22m
3 J1047-J1052 (88 -100m) 2.73 g/t over 12m

In addition, two grab samples that were collected from the artisanal miner's stock pile of ore, that was ready to be crushed and washed, returned assay values of 10.2 g/t Au for sample J1059 and 20.9 g/t Au for sample J1060. (see link to attached photo depicting stockpile, crusher and sluice. A total of 60 samples were taken from this exercise and all samples were prepared and analyzed by SGS Laboratory located at Bibiani, Ghana. 


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African Gold Group, Inc., is pleased to report the assay results for five trenches, located within the immediate proximity of the excavated artisanal mining pit at AGG's Manso Atwere ( Ghana) concession. The five trenches total 1,628 meters in aggregate length and average 3 meters in depth. All trenches were sampled on two meter spacing. Diamond drilling is currently underway at AGG's Manso Atwere concession and will shift to AGG's Assuowunu concession, contiguous with Keegan Resource's Esaase concession, within approximately 14 days.

TABLE 1: ASSAY RESULTS FOR TRENCHES (Composites of 2 meter samples)


EastingNorthingElevationLengthWidthGrade (g Au/t)
GYTR01 From: 625510 From: 713256 207 450 m 10 m 0.69
  To: 625893 To: 713055 193 2 m 1.43
        22 m 0.80
GYTR02 From: 625490 From: 713094 210 348 m 2 m 1.30
  To: 625771 To: 712958 222 84 m 3.00
        incl 36 m 6.28
        incl 16 m 13.60
        2 m 2.20
        22 m 0.92
GYTR03 From: 625817 From: 713333 228

250 m

No Significant Results

  To: 625977 To: 713247 230
GYTR04 From: 625584 From: 713111 212 280 m 4 m 31.20
  To: 625834 To: 712963 247 incl 2 m 62.00
        50 m 1.80
        incl 12 m 3.24
        incl 8 m 4.00
        14 m 0.58
GYTR05 From: 625457 From: 712928 259 300 m 30 m 0.58
  To: 626114 To: 740418 241 14 m 4.31
        incl 8 m 7.20



The Company announced its acquisition of the Manso Atwere concession on October 25, 2007. The 7.2 sq km concession represents the fifth distinct contiguous concession that comprises AGG's 456.2 sq km consolidated land holdings in the northern Asankrangwa gold belt. Much of the gold that has contributed to the wealth of the famous Ashanti Kingdom, over centuries, has come from this region ( More recently, this region has been the subject of extensive conventional mining and includes the recent discovery of Keegan Resource's Esaase gold deposit, which is contiguous with AGG's Assuowunu concession. 

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TORONTO, CANADA, January 29, 2014 – African Gold Group, Inc., ("AGG" or the "Company") is pleased to report that local artisanal miners have discovered a one kilogram gold nugget at the Company’s Kobada, Mali gold project.

AGG geologists, on site at Kobada, Mali, have recorded the UTM coordinates of the discovery at 54591E, 1289982N in the vicinity of Section 800 South of the Zone 1 deposit.

Of note, on February 26, 2008 the Company similarly announced the discovery of a 2.7 Kilogram gold nugget at Kobada, Mali. AGG geologists recorded the UTM coordinates of this discovery at 543261E, 1290951N.



New 1kg gold nugget discovered at Kobada site

While the 1 kilogram nugget was discovered within  the Zone 1 deposit, the location of the discovery of the 2.7 kilogram gold nugget is a considerable distance from the site of any work undertaken by AGG and speaks to the general prospective nature of the overall Kobada concession.

AGG geologists describe both gold nuggets as being "local." These factors are indicative of the nuggets not having travelled very far from their respective points of origin. It is hypothesized that the gold nuggets were weathered out of a quartz-carbonate vein.

Click here to see the Kobada Concession Map and the location of the 2.7kg nugget discovery.



Previous 2.7kg gold nugget discovered at Kobada 
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