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We wish to bring your attention to Dr. Allen Alper’s article in this week's newsfeed.

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"African Gold Group (TSX: AGG) is currently advancing the Kobada gold project located in Mali, with a completed economic assessment and plans to pursue equity and debt financing. Data indicates that the Kobada Gold project will have a low CAPEX and OPEX with a 511,000 ounce gold reserve.

Declan Franzmann, President and CEO of African Gold Group (TSX: AGG) is currently leading his company to advance the Kobada Gold Project in Mali as their flagship project.

Franzmann has a long history in mining. He said, “I’m a mining engineer. I have been in mining for the last 24 years. I have done a mixed bag of things; from working as a miner underground, to running an entire operation, to a managing director role. Most of my experience is in gold.”

With his experience, African Gold Group has been focused on their Kobada Gold Project in Mali. Franzmann said, “We have been doing quite a bit of work this last few years in quite difficult market conditions. We pushed the project through a preliminary economic assessment back in 2014 and now we have followed through with a feasibility study on the project, which really confirms the findings of the PEA. The feasibility study is mostly focused on our funding initiatives for the project. So in the last two years, we have managed to pull the mining license together, and have managed to get all of the environmental permits for the project. We have put together a 511,000 ounce reserve on the deposit as well. Really the focus now is to move forward with our funding initiatives and to get into a development stage.”"

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We wish to bring your attention to Thom Calandra’s weekend comment on the front page of this weekends

"African Gold Group (TSX: V.AGG, Stock Forum) in Mali and Ghana wields dig-spin over a dozen gold properties. Michael Nikiforuk in Canada is the CEO, and his team of geologists and engineers has been working on this second-stage prospector for years. This is the kind of company – and yes, I hope to see the properties myself – that could become another Keegan Resources (TSX: T.KGN, Stock Forum) and (AMEX: KGN, Stock Forum), which I have seen.

AGG has been reporting steady and sizeable intercepts in 34 of 35 reverse-circulation drill holes at Kobada. (You can judge for yourself.) Yet every few weeks, in yet another round of results, the stock goes nowhere. Even Ingrid Hibbard’s once-tiny (and entirely worthy) Pelangio Exploration (TSX: T.PX, Stock Forum) in Ghana at $150 million of market cap is faring better on the paper part of the equation.

“Compare these results with the results of Orezone (TSX: T.ORE, Stock Forum) and others in West Africa. We are not intending to take anything away from them,” Mr. Nikiforuk tells me this week. “Kobada will one day be a producing gold mine – and a serious money maker at that.” Michael N. can only wish for a stock chart that looks like Pelangio’s. Or Orezone’s"

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African Gold Group Inc., was prominently featured on the front page of this week's Resource Clips, an online resource news site as can be viewed in the screen shot below:


Resource Clips Screen Shots

“African Gold has the results, so why hasn’t the market caught up?”

Mike Nikiforuk is baffled. The President of African Gold Group Inc explains, “If you look at companies in our peer group that are trading at three and four times our market cap, companies like Orezone or Volta or more recently Keegan in Ghana, our results are far stronger intercepts of gold mineralization—better grade over bigger intervals.”...

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In a recent interview with Streetwise Reports, Marshall Auerback, corporate spokesperson for Toronto-based Pinetree Capital, commented on African Gold Group, Inc. Marshall is a so-called "hedge fund" strategist. He believes that deficit spending is not bound by anything other than inflation, which, he says, is of limited consequence right now. Marshall believes the U.S. government's main goal should be to reduce unemployment, and he predicts the gold price is likely to remain range-bound between $1,100 and $1,400 an ounce in 2011. However, his long-term outlook for precious metals remains rosy given that "casino capitalism" is setting the stage for a new bubble. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Marshall reveals some of Pinetree Capital's precious metals holdings and explains why he fears for the global economy.

As Pinetree Capital's corporate spokesperson, Marshall Auerback is a member of Pinetree's board of directors and has some 28 years of global experience in financial markets worldwide. He plays a key role in the formulation and articulation of Pinetree's investment strategy. Currently, Mr. Auerback is a senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, a research associate for the Levy Institute and a fellow for the Economists for Peace and Security. Mr. Auerback graduated magna cum laude from Queen's University in 1981 and received a law degree from Corpus Christi College at Oxford University in 1983.

 We thought you'd be interested in reading Marshall Auerback 's comments on African Gold Group, Inc. Scroll Down to see these comments.

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We wish to bring your attention to an interview with Michael Nikiforuk by Thom Calandra of, from last week:

CEO Sticks With His Mali Gold Project

"Michael Nikiforuk at African Gold Group (TSX: V.AGG, Stock Forum) has been plugging away for eight years in Mali and Ghana.

The CEO’s timing in West Africa is good. Several prospectors, including one upon which I have staked my Ticker Trax legacy, are printing significant gold intercepts in Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and elsewhere on that part of the African continent.

Yet Mr. Nikiforuk, based in Toronto, is just starting to receive investor kudos for rock at its Mali project -- rock that might be worth $85 a metric ton and perhaps more.

'With almost 20,000 meters of drilling under our belt, I am convinced the market will come around to our Kobada project,' he tells me. 'We have that conviction, all of us on the team.'

Now, I’ve heard that kind of talk before. I’ve been busted by bravado on more than one occasion in the past 25 years. Still, Mr. Nikiforuk is referred to me by several researchers and investors who share his zeal."

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African Gold Group's 9-Year-Old Foray Into Africa -  by Thom Calandra

ACCRA, GHANA -- I am several hours from seeing African Gold Group Inc.'s (TSX: V.AGG) Esaase-area land package, in the same district that put Keegan Resources Inc. (TSX: T.KGN) and (AMEX: KGN)on the investor map. You have the word on Kobada from our Monday Ticker Trax: a potential world-class mesothermal deposit in Mali. And I will fill out the details later today or Thursday in a separate report.

Right now, after three flights through three West Africa nations, I am here with PhD. geologist Kevin Downing of 9-YEAR-OLD African Gold Group. Kevin and President Michael Nikiforuk -- along with director and longtime West Africa prospector Pierre Lalande -- have shown me dirt, data, veins and orpaillage (gold pillagers) across 216 square kilometers of Mali ground. Some of the details on this 740,000-ounce Canada-compliant resource have never been shared with an outsider. And the first 22 holes of a 200-reverse circulation program are due in three weeks or lesst (after 170 holes that already proves much of the prospecting model that Mr. Lalande and Dr. Downing share in their zeal. Still, this is not the real-time subject of this brief note, spit out to you in 45 minutes before we head to Kumasi, and then Asankrangwa in Ghana. Call this insurance in case we get into Asankrangwa and the Internet lights are all out.

The Esaase District Asankrangwa covers 456 square kilometers across five contiguous concessions. As Ticker Trax subscribers know from almost two years ago, Dr. Dan McCoy of Keegan gave me the entire rundown on that company's far smaller concession well before the stock went into orbit. Now, Keegan is $500 million-plus with a fresh $185 Canadian in the bank (bought-deal). AGG, in pale comparison,strikes a lonely $80 million market cap. But that was before I visited Kobada ... and now, with our purchase alert on AGG as of Monday, the stakes are rising.

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AGG Concessions Might Be Crown Jewel - by Thom Calahandra

MOSEASE, Ghana – Pictures truly are worth a king’s ransom of paragraphs in gold-dusted Ghana, where we have unearthed what we think is the next Marmato miracle.

Ticker Trax subscribers received our real-time report, and some of the following pictures, on Monday. Now, on site at African Gold Group Inc.’s (TSX: V.AGG, Stock Forum) Kobada Gold Project in Mali and presently, its Asankrangwa concession in Ghana, I can say: Michael Nikiforuk’s AGG was below fair value at 75 cents Canadian a share. That was when subscribers got the word earlier this week.

After three days of four-wheeling across Mali and Ghana, I have witnessed first-hand the presence of orpaillage gold pillagers at Koboda and a flock  of galamsay Ghana alluvial miners adjacent to Keegan Resources Inc.’ (TSX: T.KGN, Stock Forum) and (AMEX: KGN, Stock Forum) pricey patch of Esaase real estate. (See photo here: two illegal miners at a makeshift shaft straddling the properties of Keegan Resources and African Gold Group – photo today February 17, 2011/Thom Calandra)

The Ghana property controlled by African Gold Group is several times the size of infamous Marmato in Colombia … and likely will spark political and popular uproar in Ghana, which is headed to a 2012 presidential election. Wealth comes at a price. “”You fall on these rocks, they are not forgiving,” says African Gold Group’s lead Ghanaian geologist Kwame Opoku as we navigate our way around the richest and most overrun gold concessions I have seen since Medoro’s Marmato in Colombia. (Please see our Ticker Trax password-protected archives and our free Stockhouse coverage for the entire Marmato saga.)

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African Gold Group (AGG): Revelations may startle investors - by Thom Calandra

MOSEASE, Ghana – West Africa’s porphyry of gold is turning into the fold, figuratively and literally.

A Mali and Ghana team of two doctors of structural geology, each with specialties respectively in mapping and syngenetic oriented geology, along with a seasoned Canadian prospector, appear poised to make gold-deposit history in the coming year.

If I am correct, Derek McBride, Kevin Downing and Pierre Lalande will strike in spades the gold their employer, African Gold Group, has been pursuing in one way or another since 2002.

The headline grades, strike lengths and precisely plotted drill holes, some RC, others diamond and even others augur-rigged to punch economically through Mali duricrust, could come from Kobada in Mali. Or Foroko North in Mali. Or Asankrangwa in Ghana. Or even Mankranho, the northern extension of Newmont’s (NYSE: NEM, Stock Forum) massive Ahafo Project in Ghana.

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We wish to bring your attention to David Pescod's Stocktalk Late Edition newsletter earlier this week, which prominently featured African Gold Group.


"... there’s not too many stocks doing well, even in the gold sector which is not too far away from old highs.

One stock that is hitting new highs though is African Gold [Group] which got some attention on Stockhouse with feature article by Tom Calandra, but I think it’s time we repeat the article we did with Jed Richardson, the former Sprott mining analyst and current VP of Amazon Mining (AMZ), director of Great Quest (GQ) - two of the biggest success stories on markets that last while and now performing a significant role with D’Arianne Resources (DAN).

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AGG is proud to announce that an article detailing our recent sucesses at the Kobada, Mali property was recently published by and was in turn featured in last weeks, Mining News Digest. The article is as follows:

African Gold shares rise on step out drill results from Kobada

by: Deborah Sterescu

African Gold


African Gold Group reported Thursday encouraging drill results from its Kobada gold project in Mali, potentially expanding the resource at the property.

The results from 27 near surface step out holes, which were drilled to the north of the Zone 1 deposit, showed encouraging intercepts nearly 2,000 metres north on trend from the established resource. The NI 43-101 compliant resource for Zone 1 is 740,000 ounces of gold at an average grade of 1.25 g/t, at a 0.3 g/t gold cut-off.

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