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African Gold Group Guiding Principles:

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We conduct our business with integrity, transparency and fairness

We have zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption in all forms.


Health, safety and security is our highest priority

Zero tolerance towards unsafe acts and behaviours and put our employees and contractors at the forefront of everything we do. We believe that every incident is preventable and strive towards achieving zero harm.

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Provenance and transparency of our supply chain

We work transparently and disclose our performance and impacts and provenance of gold through our supply chain, conforming to all local and international legislations.


We build and maintain genuine partnerships

We constantly work to form and maintain mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships with our core stakeholders including governments, local communities, shareholders and suppliers.

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We prioritize hiring and buying from the local communities

We help build the skills and capacity of Malian workers and vendors to increase our positive impact on the local and national economy.


We empower the local community

We believe in being a good Corporate neighbour. We are investing in opportunities including improving education, clean water, infrastructure improvement and healthcare as part of our social license to operate.


We reduce our environmental impacts

The Kobada Gold Project is expected to minimize energy and water use, manage waste and land safely and be a responsible steward of the natural environment.

African Gold Group is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals at all stages of decision making. AGG will work towards aligning our operations towards the following goals as Kobada moves towards production.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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